Luggage Storage in Athens

During our trip in Athens we stayed in Airbnb which unfortunately doesn't have a luggage storage to keep our luggages, while our flight to Santorini was in the midnight. The luggage storage for public is an option to solve this kind of issue. 

In the area of Monastiraki Square, there is a luggage storage service named ATHENS LOCKERS, located in the building in front of the metro station on the 2nd floor ( on the 1st floor, you will notice a coffee shop )
Metro station Monastiraki is the only station that connects to the airport and the port of Piraeus, so it s a pretty convenient location. 
They have free wifi and printer if you still need to do the check in online and stuffs. 

Pay attention of their opening and closing time to avoid inconvenient things. Check their website for details :

Storage room price 

Medium: 4,00 euro

Large: 6,00 euro

Extra large: 8,00 euro

Storage in Lockers

Extra Large size: 11,00


  1. Wahh ke santorini, pasti nanti foto2nya bikin ngiri banget deh, hahahh


    1. ha haha bingung mulai dari mana kalau Santorini nih :))


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