[ 7th Years ]

Seven years ago today, we became husband and wife. We didn’t know a lot back then, but we knew one thing for certain: we belonged together.
2 years ago or today, there is nothing changed, my heart still skips a beat when you walk into a room or when I see that you have texted me during the day to tell me you are thinking of me.
I Love you for many reasons, you continue to amaze me year after year with your ability to selflessly love me. When I am stressed out, you are my calm. When I need help, you are always there to lend an ear, a hand or a reassuring hug.
You are my best friend and I am so blessed that God chose you to be my half & that you feel the same way. We feel equally blessed &I love that. I love our life together.
Happy Anniversary Y,
Every morning I wake up excited to continue our journey together, you are my soul mate, my lifetime travel partner.
                                                                              Bali, December 8th 2007
                                                                         Marrakech, December 8th 2014

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