Playing Tourist in Pisa Leaning Tower

When people think of Pisa they usually think of the Leaning Tower ( Torre Pendente ), even many people take a day trip to Pisa from Florence and rush to the leaning tower and Duomo only, thats all.
Pisa is more than just a leaning tower, it has many interesting sights and attractions to offer.

Pisa Leaning Tower at the first glance

The tower was closed from 1990 to 2001 because of instability but is once again open today to visitors, the ticket price to enter and climb is €18 per person. You may climb up to the top with 294 steps
Each of the levels has galleries and arcades except for the last one, where there are 7 bells.  

Its an image that's been used over and over for a million different things


  1. haloha, kunjungan balik dan salam kenal yaa :D foto-fotonya keren :)

  2. Impian dari kecil nih bisa kesini ut foto2. mungkin karena sering dicekokin klo si menara miring ini adalah salah satu dari keajaiban dunia :D

  3. Cakep kak, kalo ber 2 ama pacar pasti romantis kesini :-)

  4. @Pypy : Semoga kejadian secepatnya yah :)

    @Cumi : kaaak, kemana aja romantis dong kl ama pacar mah haha

  5. @nengfey : semua berawal dari ngayal kok, dont stop dreaming :-)

  6. Aggghhhh suamiku yg udah kesini, tanpa ngajak akuuuuu ....Berarti memang hrs kesana sekali lagi dengan keluarga kali ini ^o^


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