Batik - A Cultural Icon of Indonesia

Batik is probably somehow foreign for you who is not an Indonesian, so let s talk what batik is. 
Batik is originated from Java and technically, batik is the process of applying dyes to porous surfaces.

Nowadays batik has grown in popularity as well the supply of mass-produced, this is what they called batik printing, which is printed with tools like a mold.

The real batik is batik painting, the one that require so much time and energy than becoming works of art, the maker put a lot of passion on in and it becomes works of life.


Now, batik is the cultural heritage of Indonesia to the world and regarded as a cultural icon by Unesco.

During my traveling time, you'll see at least one piece of batik in my suitcase, either dress or skirt, i wear batik not only because it's beautiful, classic and rare thing to wear (if you are abroad) but rather defines my identity.

Happy Batik Day! Wear it and proud!


  1. Aku jarang banget pake batik, kecuali kalo ngantor doang :)

  2. Tengkiuw Inna :-)

    Mas Cumi : di Indo malah aku males pake batik, disini rasanya beda kalau make mas, nasionalitas emang lebih tinggi kalau kita berada di luar negeri ya heheh

  3. suka de ama model2 baju batikmu ;) Tapi iya sih mba, aku jg lebih suka make batik kalo lg di luar ;p Beda aja rasanya

  4. Fann : beli di pengrajin2 yg gak terkenal tuh fan, pada banyak yg jualan kan di FB, rata2 dari Jogja, suka aja beli2 dari mereka ini

  5. keren bgt mbak, setiap kali traveling selalu pake batik :s
    eike punya batik cuma 1 itupun beli karna peraturan kampus mewajibkan pake batik tiap hari jumat (-__-)


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