#RomanticHideaway: Japamala Resort, Tioman Island, Malaysia

Only 50 minutes from Singapore (reachable from Kuala Lumpur too) and short speed boat trip and you will be on a paradise where you will have a peaceful surroundings, a great beach and wild monkeys.

On the small island of Tioman, the first exciting thing about this resort that it is only accesible by boat. The hotel picked us up from the airport in their own speedboat, whisked our luggage away and some 20 minutes later you arrive, feeling like a rockstar would to their own island retreat. 

Japamala has just 13 rooms, luxurious air-conditioned huts hidden in the jungle, or beach-facing. Our room was as hillside villa, set on several levels with a gorgeous walk-in-shower, huge bed & TV Area. 
The room had a huge windows which looked onto the jungle on every side and balcony with the beach view. Very private & quiet. 

The setting of Japamala is magical, as you are basically on an island full of jungle surrounded by lovely white beaches.
Staffs are amazing, and its a perfect spot for a relaxing hideaway, and ideal enough for a honeymooners like us. 



  1. Pasti mahaaaaalllll..... Huhuhuuuu

  2. Milaaaaa, kan hanimun gapapa dong xixixiix

  3. Tioman Island really is ever so beautiful, isn't it?. We're making a trip there i na few weeks, my hubby and I, because it's
    our one year wedding anniversary. Just hubby and me, how romantic :) I hope we'll have as good a time as you guys.

    First time taking the ferry, because last times to Tioman we took the Berjaya plane. This is always a little scary, but you get there
    very fast, so that's good.

    Anywas, thanks for the tips on Japamala!



  4. Hi Jacklyn, thanks for writing, Tioman is beautiful indeed, we went there in the low season, so hardly to see tourists which is good:)
    Happy wedd. anniversary btw, we did Tioman for part of our honeymoon :-)

  5. ini ngedekeeemmm aje di kamar b2an buat +anak lagi ya Bie, hehehehehee

  6. @sofie yoii fi, hujan mulu pula, cucok eym hahaa

  7. Tioman is no doubt one of the best island for honeymoon in Asia, i am glad that you enjoyed in our country:)



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