Facts/Review About The Kanawa Island Resort, NTT


Kanawa probably is not for everyone who is choosy and expect the 5 star service, this is the private island with the one and only boutique resort for those who are earth-minded, chill and appreciate a simple thing. But still, this place is a little heaven, surrounded by a turquoise clear water in the sea, baby sharks, sunset, u named it. 
The resort doesnt have wifi, the only internet connection that probably work out is from Telkomsel 3G, but thanks for this, all of the guests are like a small family and connected to one and another.

1. Location
Located in Komodo National Park. From Labuan Bajo, the resort provides free shuttle boat from and to the resort. Check in at 12:00 and Check out at 08:00
If you have a different kind of schedule then you have to rent the boat at your own cost for Rp.250.000,-

2. Rate
Kanawa Island Resort is having  different kind of room types and the rate is very reasonable and make my wallet safe.     
Reservation is highly advisable.
I was staying in the Bale Bale (Indonesian words for: daydreaming bed) , i fell in love with it since the first time i saw the picture in their website. It feels like sleeping under the stars for me, and the sound of the sea is simply outstanding. 

3. Food & Beverages
In the resort, breakfast is including in the rate with different kind of simple menu everyday. While lunch will be served around 12:00-15:00 and dinner at 18:00-21.00, the service in providing the dishes is somehow quite slow, so be alert to arrive in the restaurant earlier than the other guests. 
In dinner, the chef offers the 'menu of the day', highly recommended. 
The fresh vegetables and fruits are coming from their own garden in the back of the resort. 

4. Excursion
They re offering a half day tour to the Rinca or Komodo, snorkeling, diving. 
The dive spot is in its resort.

After all reviews, I ll be back !

This is how my Bale Bale looks like

The Kanawa from the hill, the bale bale in the rows, and boat

The guests are check in and out - tent room 


  1. how i love this post... those photo's brings me to Kanawa Island (at least in my imagination) :|

  2. thanks Fahmi, i m glad u like it, hope one day u cud experience the island itself :)

  3. mengoda banget, kayak nya bikin gw ngiler2 ampe ngeces.
    Nikmat banget nikmati siang di bale2 sambil tiduran di temanin pasangan yg haram hahaha, kalo yg resmi nikmat nya rada kurang :) #kaburrrr

  4. wkwkw...ngakak baca koment y si cumi, lebih berasa ya sensasi y..:-)

  5. Cumiii lu cucoknya ama kuntilanak,eymm ? :p

  6. @indra : bener mas, sumpah kalo liat tempat2 bagus n cocok buat bermesraan, gw ngak perna mikir bawa pasangan buat honeymoon. Tapi otak gw langsung bekerja kalo bawa cinta semalam jauh lebih HOT + Kompos Elpiji 3kg

    @jal2LIB : Kakak ... kalo ama kuntilanak yg ada nanti keluarnya JEANS, CARDIGAN dkk :)

  7. Cumi : Sial banget tuh yg mau dibawa ke Kanawa ama elu hahahah merusak panorama ajaaa :))

  8. i must visit this kanawa island at any cost >,< looking at picture kanawa are beautifull *cakep bangeet, pengen kesana nginep seminggu :|*

  9. Gw anterin dah, gak nolak balik lagi aslikkk:-)

  10. aduhhhh keren bangettt...pengin kesana......

  11. @Caderabdulpacker Aku pun pengen balik lagiiii, gak puas cuman 4 hari euy :(


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