(Culinary) Traditional Turmeric Rice Cone

Living far away from my homeland doesnt make me forget from where i come from. In fact, Indonesia has a lot of traditions and cultures that make me proud than ever. 
The same case with our daily meals, lucky to have a caucasian husband who love a diversity of culinary as he s not afraid of trying, that s why at home, 40% of our daily meals are Indonesian, 30% western and the rests are world's menus.

On his birthday, i tried my best to prepare the traditional Indonesian turmeric rice cone, famous with name : Tumpeng. This unique rice table used in ceremonies like for Birthday, Anniversary, New Born and all of the other celebrations.

The cone shaped turmeric rice should be put in the centre of tampah (a round bamboo platter)  surrounded with various dishes such as : boiled marbled eggs , chicken liver in chili sauce, rendang (Indonesian Beef Stew with Spices), fried chicken, corn fritters, and decorated with fresh veggies. 

Basically Nasi Tumpeng has a very meaningful philosophy, it s not only food to eat but more about the good elements that every human being should have. For instance , why there s a red chili in the top of the rice cone? Because it s a symbol of fire that giving a light and be useful for other people.


  1. Hebatttt bisa bikin tumpeng sendiri!
    It takes quite lot of works to do *sungkem* :D

  2. hhahaa for this case i didn't use a lot of side dishes though...and i did it by pleasure, so that s what count :-)


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