6 Hours in Vienna

Vienna is a city that has truly embraced art and the artist

Vienna is one of Europe’s classic capital cities, capital of Austria.
As I strolled around Vienna it was impossible not to become absorbed by the grandeur of its centuries old buildings, the splendor of its squares, parks and avenues.

Pity that we had only 6 hours to be in Vienna, but still you ll experience the beauty of this city.

Vienna is such a romantic city, not only it has the most romantic history, but with so many white buildings, picturesque coffee shops, wineries, beautiful parks and old castles, make this place perfect for a romantic weekend – even for budget travelers.

Hit The Shops

Ride the horse cart 

St Stephen Catedral
Vintage Tram Around the City

The Parliaments Building 

Except do the walking tour - the hop on off bus is also an easy way to explore the city

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