#RomanticHideaway : Hotel Shekhawati , Mandawa, India

We passed by the city of Mandawa in the province of Rajasthan during our road trip in February 2012.
As we might already know in advance that Mandawa is a small city as a transit in between but somehow we found a small '2 stars' hotel in the neighborhood with a good review from the bible guide.

It s a Hotel Shekhawati - located near Mukundgarh Road, Mandawa.

What makes this hotel is a special that beside this hotel is a Haveli with a historical background, that every walls of the building is a hand painted with a very enchanting images on it, very stunning and tells a lot of stories.

Mandawa is a good city to transit if you drive from New Delhi to Bikaner or from Jaisalmer to New Delhi.

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