An Introduction to our newborn : Biru Langit

Yes, we have our own blue sky, or langit berwarna biru in Indonesian. Our newborn, he is our dream come true, our answered prayers and the newest member of our family. Biru Langit is our summer boy, and was born in the heatwave days 2019. 

All of these years, the infertility, the dreams, the nightmares, the depression and despair, the acceptance...and here he is, our little miracle🔵

I always want to put a nature element as part of the name of our children, and for him I choose one of the most beautiful nature element there is. Who doesn't love a blue sky! Living in a four seasons country, a blue sky means a beautiful sunny day. 

What about his first name, ケイ子 !  
I m in love with the meaning of "one blessed child" in Japanese, which also one of the most common names in Japan, and that is also our prayer for him in his life.

ケイ子 is now 5 months and 2 days young, together we visited several cities in a neighbour countries, I called it the perks of living in a small country in Europe, where you can just hop in the car, put him in the car seat and off we go. There is no itinerary or ambitious plan, we just go when everyone is ready. 
We did France after Belgium ( of course ), then to Germany and many times in Holland, and all of those trips we did it before he was 40 days young. In Indonesia culture, it s a big no to bring newborn child out of the house before 40 days, but I do believe my instinct and God is in control.

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So excited for coming up Christmas, we have a plan to do a bit further destination, still in Europe. And in the other hand we also have our long haul flight tickets to Indonesia ( and probably another country in Asia ). 

We are so excited to welcome you the world, my boy! 🔵


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