Dress Code and OOTD in Iran

Obeying Islamic rules including a dress code is necessary in Iran also for female foreigners and tourists. To know about that fact, at first I, as a non Muslim person, was a little worried but surprisingly after an hour or so, I got used to the headscarf and long sleeve. 
I m writing this post to make you sure that this dress code thingy wont stop you from traveling to Iran.

1. Iranian Women Are So Fashionable

To know the fact that Iranian women are so pretty and wont hesitate to wear make up everyday, nice clothes and being so fashionista especially in a big cities like Tehran dan Shiraz, then you have enough reason to look good too, forget about being an extremely unattractive with your outfits when you are in Iran.

2. Colours Are Your Best Friends

Rumor has it that every women in Iran must wearing everything in black, which is not true as there is no restriction about it.
So if you are into colours, bring them all especially if you travel during spring or summer season. 

3. Hair and Body Coverage

As soon as your International flight has landed in Tehran or other cities in Iran, the dress code regulation is started. Your arms should not be left bare and your legs also should be covered down to the ankles, and the next thing is to wear your headscarves. 
No need to worry that people still can see part of your fringe, but one thing to know if you have a long hair, you need to pull them up together. 

As colours is my best friends, I brought a lot of scarves in different colours with me, it helps a lot in mix and max the clothes, the biggest challenge that you’ll encounter is keeping your scarf on, my tip is bring with you some bobby pin and you are set.

Beside baggy pants and cargo pants, I brought some maxi skirts too, though it s not common to see Iranian women are wearing maxi skirt.
Funny to know that skinny jeans is allowed and actually I really love to see that fact.

Another thing that make me a bit worried before my departure to Iran if sandals or open-shoes are allowed in Iran? Well, the answer is yes, even the painted nail is totally fine.

Buying clothes in the country you are visiting is usually a good thing, the same thing with Iran. If you think that you dont have any appropriate clothes or headscarves to bring with you, then to go shopping when you arrive in Iran can be an option. You will see a lot of "manto" ( a kind of trench coat ) and of course colourful headscarves. 

Disclaimer: The article is in no way promoting the compulsory hijab enforced in Iran.
I would like to help foreigner who is in doubt and help them to make their trip as best as possible.

OOTD in Iran & What I Wore in Iran

OOTD in Iran & What I Wore in Iran 

What about the dress code to Iran for man?
The rules are quite simple : no short pants, no extreme short sleeve and no tight shirts. 

What needs to be covered in Iran for female travelers

4. Wearing Chādor in Holy Sites in Iran

A chādor ( in Farsi means "tent" ) is an outer garment, floor-length covering from the top of the head. The intention to wear chādor is to hide the curve of a woman's body. Wearing a chādor is not a mandatory unless if you would like to visit some holy shrine or mosques in Iran.

This is what chādor looks like, it s a mandatory to wear it if you visiting holy shrine in Iran

Do not worry if you don't have a chādor collection with you because there are sometimes a counter that will lent a chādor to the visitor.

Have a good time in Iran and don't worry about the dress code! 
Just be comfortable, enjoy your journey and be happy.

* * *

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  1. As I heard about Iranian women, yes they are so fashionable...indeed. Many OOTD from Iranian has flooded through my Instagram, when I looking for kind of new look of hijab hihihi.
    Luv ur outfit too Kak, the motif of that batik (Batik Parang, isn't?) such as gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Dwi, yes the Iranian is so fashionista and know how to look good, and they are born pretty too.

  2. ohhh chador itu kyk jubah lah yaa... ini sama kyk di brunei kemarin, tiap kali mw masuk mesjidnya, aku hrs pake jubah bgitu... ini beberapa hari slalu baca postingan mu ttg Iran, jd bnr2 bikin pgn kesna mba.. :) .. harus masukin ke bucket list utk thn 2018 kyknya :D..

  3. Yes I can truly attest that Iranian women are indeed very fashionable since my Iranian friends always looks so gorgeous! It doesn't seem to be that much of a hassle, seeing your pics, travelling in Iran :)

    1. one of the best experience ever, cant wait to go back to Iran, really!


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