Back to Croatia - The Land of Thousand Islands

Back to Croatia - The Land of Thousand Islands

So you probably already know from our Instagram that we just return from Croatia, the land of thousand islands, part country of Yugoslavia back then.  I left my heart so dearly in Dubrovnik few years ago and cant resists not to purchase another flight ticket to go back to Croatia.
This time we visited Istria Peninsula, to be honest I have no idea how this part of Croatia can be so beautiful, thanks to my wikipedia walking husband for the lesson, in fact he was in Croatia for about 5 times, even since Croatia still under one flag with Yugoslavia. 

I've got the flight ticket from Ryan Air, so freaking cheap that I didnt notice that the weather in Croatia was so bad on that time, the feeling of excitement and knowing that Croatia will give us a great time makes me forget to check the weather forecast. Make a long story short, then here we are again back to Croatia, and the city name Pula as our first stop. 

People normally will skip Pula during their trip in Istria Peninsula, but we have to as our outbound and inbound airport is from Pula. The rest of the story of amazing Pula, I will write in the next post. Promised!

The great thing of Croatia is its transportation, public bus has a great reputation and a good price, we experienced it so we are sure what we are talking about. From Pula we continued our trip to Poreč , by bus it took almost 2 hours, but with wifi on board and the scenery along the way those 2 hours seems short, we passed by hilltop villages, olive fields and one of the most stunning panorama was Lim Fjord, too bad we cant stop and make a pictures. 

The bus station of Poreč is located right in the heart of Poreč, at the first glace Poreč is totally different than Pula, the typical beauty of coastal city make Poreč as one of the most visited tourist spots in Croatia, enough reason to call this city as our home for several days.

During our stay in Poreč, we have decided to choose Valamar Hotels and Apartments as our 'home far away from home'. This Valamar has a big role in Croatia's tourism because it is the biggest tourist company and group in Croatia in terms of capacity, including 43 buildings on the Adriatic coast - 30 hotels and resorts, and 13 campings from Istria and the island of Krk to Dubrovnik, with a total capacity of more than 48,000 guests. As their vision to make a lasting memories every day for every guest, we definitely had a cherish moment to stay with them. 

Porec Harbor

Valamar Riviera Skipper Terrace

Valamar Riviera Hotel Superior Suite 2

We got a room at Valamar Riviera Hotel, an Exclusive waterfront boutique hotel for adults only located in the centre of historic Poreč. Just what we need because we spent most of our times wandering around the old town of Poreč. Valamar Riviera is one of the most stylish hotels in Croatia and the 2013, 2014 and 2015 winner of the prestigious World Travel Award as "Croatia's Leading Boutique Hotel“.

From the first time of our arrival in the hotel, we felt like all of the staffs gave the best service that you can imagine. An easy check in process, the cleanliness of the room and the hotel is a top notch, free fast wifi connection, a friendliness of the staffs that willing to help you every single time is beyond words. Satisfaction in the highest level if I could say.

A great sleeping time at Valamar Riviera, Poreč

Strolling around the Poreč Harbour - right in front of the Valamar Riviera Hotel

We had the opportunity to enjoy our breakfast and dinner at the hotel too, it was a buffet style with so rich variation of menu that sometimes we forget that actually we have our dinner at the hotel. Every day has a different menu, and the F&B staffs never missed a thing, always make an efforts to keep the buffet table clean and proper.
One time we arrived pretty late because we were not really hungry yet, and we still could find all of the dishes in a full portions and in a good order.
This gourmet experience is one of the highlight staying with Valamar Riviera.

Marvelous buffet table

Breakfast at Valamar Riviera

All are fresh, in order and taste great

The other great thing of being a guest at Valamar Rieviera is the hotel also offers a free 5 minute private boat ride to a reserved island beach where a 5 star hotel of Valamar is located. There you are  also welcome to use the resort’s outdoor pools, renowned service, premium executive packages and facilities.

Approaching Nikola Island where another 5 star Valamar properties are located

Will we ever stay again in Valamar Hotels on our next trip to Croatia ? Absolutely big yes !
We d love to return to Croatia again as soon as possible, this country has many to offer and for sure we will stay in the other properties of Valamar.
We are the guest of Valamar Riviera Hotel but that in no way affected our opinion of the hotel or our stay. As always, all views are our own.

Summer is coming soon, have you decided where to go for your summer vacation? 

To book Valamar Riviera Hotel in Poreč : click here

And check here : to see the rest of properties of Valamar in Croatia


  1. hufft... seandainya yaa negara2 eropa timur ini deket dr indonesia, aku bakal sering2 main kesana :D.. harus hitungin budgetnya dr sekarang nih, biar persiapan nabung bisa maksimal :D..


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