The Bluebells and Fairytale Forest

I believe I'm not exaggerating to tell that the phenomenon of spring is absolutely beyond words, season that I always waiting for. From a long sleep, all the plants are back awake, alive and kicking.

Only 2 weeks ( April ) in a year, if you are around Belgium at that time dont missed the opportunity to experience the fairy tale garden full with blue flowers, smells like heaven. 
Located in Hallerbos ( bos is forest in Flemish & Halle is the name of the city ), around 20 km south of Brussels centre.
This original forest was decimated during the First World War but a major replanting that took place between 1930-1950 Hallerbos survived and has been thriving ever since. 

Hallerbos is a perfect location for a walk all year around, some people even use this forest as a birthday venue for their children, but special in April ten of thousands of bluebells ( wild hyacinths ) are in bloom in its prettiest moment, the blue carpet cover most of the part of the forest and make it a magical place ever.
This is one of the place on earth that you have to see yourself because there is no way one can capture the beauty of the forest.

Hallerbos is open for public, free entrance. 
You can check this website , every day there is an update about the bluebells ( and other flowers ) and its blossom season.


  1. aaaah what kind of heaven smells that she have? huhuhu it's trully beauty since I've seen it on ur IG

  2. aduuuh mirip karpet berbulu tebal wrna biru.. ^o^.. untung bukan di indonesia mbak.. bisa abis keinjek2 utk selfie cabe2an di sini -_-

  3. wow thats very beautiful .. small purple flowers are very charming

  4. Wow Fe, thank you for bringing the magical view. They're beautiful!

  5. Love love love bluebells! This forest is enchanting banget ya kaaaakk

  6. wiiih, kayak tempat peri2 gitu yaaa, cantiiikkk!

  7. Cantik biangett yah si bluebells ini, belom pernah gw liat aslinya...sukaaakkk

  8. I was blog walking and found your site and I was like, "this is what I have been looking for". I like traveling too and would enjoy reading stories from someone who travels a lot.
    BTW, those purple flowers are gorgeous.

  9. Bunganya bagussss bangeeetttttt.. semoga suatu saat saya bisa berkesempatan untuk mengunjunginya


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