Luxurious Spa Treatments at Spa Alila Jakarta

There is no better way to treat yourself than with a spa treatment, especially for the urban people in Jakarta or for this case for a travelers who travel in Jakarta like both of us. Daily activities make the body requires more care that can neutralise body, mind, stress and fatigue.

A wide range of Spa are available in Jakarta, they may range from your neighbour down the street, unfortunately there are not much of Spa in Jakarta who truly fulfil the International standards. When entering a good Spa, a first impression is needed, at least for me.  A clean, tidy reception area is a good indication that the Spa is well organised and professional.

Luxurious yet down-to-earth, Spa Alila Jakarta provides you with a place for personal peace and well-being. The entire treatment at Spa Alila conducted in a private room that is comfortable and has already completed with rinse room. Spa Alila is divided into two rooms and were quite spacious for a couples, exactly what I and my husband needed.

During our spa experience in Spa Alila Jakarta, we could feel that the spa’s therapies aim to deliver the complete relaxation. I am sure you will say Amen if I say that how much you enjoy your trip to a spa can depend almost entirely on the therapist who gives you your treatments, right?

Before starting the treatment, our therapists offered us to choose one from the three aromatherapy that can be selected, a lot of the Indonesian traditional treatments and cosmetics are being mass produced, but Alila product is one of a kind, its natural products provide revitalising, therapeutic benefits. We had such a difficult time to choose which one of the aromatherapy scent to use:)

Massage with traditional materials would make us relax and fresh, the supported ambiance and atmosphere in Spa Alila Jakarta makes us calm, away from the "noise" of the city, we almost forget that we actually in Jakarta.  

For more information and reservations:
Alila Jakarta 
Jalan Pecenongan Kav 7-17
Jakarta 10120
P : +62 21 231 6008
F : +62 21 231 6007


  1. Aku tuh blm prnh nyobain spa... walopun srg nemenin mba ku kalo dia mw spa2 begini... alasan ga prnh nyoba sih sbnrnya krn males harus naked2 gitu mba hahahaha ;p... tapi pastinya aku slalu suka ama wangi2 aromaterapi di tempat2 spa.. nenangin bgt yaaa ^o^

  2. Kak ... ada voucher gratisan ngak ??? aku mau nyobain #ngarep


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