UNIQLO From Tokyo to Antwerp

Special limited tote bag for purchasing more than €50

And finally....I dont have to purchase online from England anymore if I d like to buy some product from UNIQLO collection, cause starting today their first outlet is officially open in Antwerpen. As you probably read from my previous post ( in here ) about my favourite coat for winter, UNIQLO is one of my favourite brand, especially their ultra light winter coat and the heatech.

Uniqlo collection - ready for winter - from heattech to cashmere scarf

Probably you don't have any idea what is the meaning of UNIQLO, UNIQLO is actually an abbreviation for 'Unique Clothing Warehouse', this brand established in Japan in 1984 and recently they have 1600 stores in 22 countries. In Indonesia you will find pretty easy their shops but in Europe, Belgium is UNIQLO's fifth market after London, Paris, Berlin and Moscow. 

Opening Day of Uniqlo Antwerp - first outlet in Benelux

Opening Day of Uniqlo Antwerp - first outlet in Benelux

I m so glad they choose Antwerp to be their first new location in Benelux, though I m not surprise because of the excellent reputation as a renowned fashion capital and popular shopping destination,  Antwerp is a pretty popular shopping destination for international visitors.

Ultra Light Down Hooded Coat Uniqlo

“Antwerp is the beating heart of the Belgian fashion industry and home to the MoMu and Uniqlo stands for high quality, versatile and affordable clothes for people of all ages. We believe both residents and visitors to Antwerp will truly appreciate our product offering.” said Berndt Hauptkorn - CEO UNIQLO Europe.

This afternoon I spent my time to visit this new outlet and tried on several winter coat from their collection, I love the variation of the colour , the style and no doubt about the quality. 

UNIQLO Antwerp
Meir 67-67


  1. waah... kyknya asik nih ... apalagi dari tokyo :D

  2. my fave brand too, Kak :D
    hampir semua 'peralatan perang' untuk winterku merk ini, hihihihi

  3. utk traveling beriktnya yg bkl jatuh pas winter, aku jg mutusin mw beli winter coat baru dan peralatan lain di UNIQLO mba ;p.. harganya jg ga bgitu mahal apalagi kalo lg promo

    1. iyaaa Uniqlo kan Zara nya Jepang xixixix mursidah untuk kualitas winter outfit yg lumayan ok :)


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