Travel Tips for A Perfect Disneyland Paris Trip

Travel Tips for A Perfect Disneyland Paris Trip

Me and my girl friends were just back from Disneyland Paris,  I thought I would put together my top 8 tips to make your day at Disneyland Paris as enjoyable and stress free as possible.

1. Book Your Entrance Tickets in Advance
Book your trip direct through the Disneyland Paris website, they offer park and accommodation packages, however you can also purchase only the park tickets and then you arrange your accommodation separately ( we booked our accommodation separately from )
Be sure you buy the park entrance tickets before you arrive because you will pay far more if you buy on the day.
If you have a plan to visit for more than 4 days then purchase the annual pass, it might work out cheaper. 

⇨ An extra useful information for you, if you buy an entrance ticket of Disneyland Paris from Voyagin, you will receive 27% discount off from the official rate, it s absolutely a good bargain for you and the whole family. 
And this is the highlight of buying the Disneyland ticket from Voyagin : 
- Skip the 2 hour long queues with this e-ticket
- E-Ticket: no printing of tickets required, just show your ticket on your phone!
-  Add on a ride on the Disneyland® Paris Express shuttle
-  Open date ticket: book now and go anytime until January 1, 2020!

2. What to Wear and What to Bring
In Disneyland you will have to walking a lot and waiting around, so wear comfortable shoes. You can also hire a buggy if you bring children, also is a good way to put your bags, coats, souvenir bags, etc.

Remember to check the weather forecast, so you know what to pack. 
Leave your selfie stick at home or your hotel because it s not allowed in Disneyland Paris. 

3. Plan your trip and what you wan to see in advance
Disneyland Paris has 2 parks : Disneyland Park and Walt Studio Park, every park has their own attractions. To make your visit more efficient and easier, you have to plan it what you want to see and experience. 
Print the map from the website and check out the schedules. 
If you have a smart phone or tablet with you, then download the official Disneyland Paris app. 
You will find everything about the Parks on it, from character meeting points, rides, shops, restaurants, where the shows are, opening times and waiting times for rides, where to get on/off the little train that takes you around the park and also where the first aid points/toilets are! Very handy.

To avoid such a massive traffic in the parking, come around 09:00 AM.

Arrive early to avoid a hectic traffic in front of the parking ticket box

4. How to reach Disneyland Paris from Paris 
Disneyland Paris is located around 32 km East of Paris. The fastest way to get to Disneyland Paris from Paris centrum is to take the RER A train. 
Train in France is reliable and run frequently so you could reach Disneyland for about 35-40 minute trip to “Marne-la-Vallée / Chessy” station from Paris centrum, right at the gates of Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris has a transfer option from the airports (both Charles de Gaule and Orly), Magical Shuttle Airport Bus takes you from the Paris airports straight to the heart of the magic, the prior reservation through their website is a must.

5. Dressing Up and Birthday
Disneyland knows how to treat and spoil their visitor. If you coming with someone who is birthday, then don't hesitate to go to Guest Services counter and tell them, the birthday person and their family will receive a special birthday sticker and name tag. 
The costumed characters are on the lookout for these badges, and will go out of their way to accommodate birthday boys or girls during their meet-and-greet sessions.

In Disneyland you will see a lot of kids who dressing up as their fave character, why dont you spoil you kids too?  Kids dressing up seem to get lots more attention from disney characters and if kids dress up as snow white they don't have to queue for snow white ride, same for peter pan and other characters.

dressing up like the favourite character

6. Eat and Drink in Disneyland
Forget about a culinary level while you are in Disneyland, you eat because you have to eat and the same as many as other theme park, Disneyland has a reputation for being a very expensive place to eat and drink, however that fact is not absolutely correct because I still can find many menu with reasonable price. 
I had my late lunch in Planet Hollywood, €15 for a giant burger with french fries and salad, though it was not a high price for what you get, a good bargain instead. 

Drinking water is readily available from water fountains throughout the park on hot days. Like most of Western Europe, the water is clean, fresh and perfectly safe to drink

7. Shop till dropped
There is a lot of souvenir shops in Disneyland Paris with the same collection items. I advice you to shop after you finish your time in Disneyland, so you don't have to carry them around with you all day. The shops on Main Street are open for an hour after closing time.
Even if you don't buy anything, you still have to visit those shops and boutiques as Disney refer to them, are just really nice places to explore, full of whimsy and charms.

Souvenir shop in Disneyland Paris

8. Dont missed the Parade
Disney really know how to put on a show and Disney Magic on Parade is on at 5pm every day, definitely not to be missed. Make sure you get to a viewing point in good time to get the best view.

Parade in Disneyland Paris

Parade in Disneyland Paris

Parade in Disneyland Paris


  1. added to my bucket list. thanks for the tips :)


  2. Duuuh...semoga Chila bisa ke sini suatu saat :D

  3. aku kok ya ga tertarik ke disneyland paris yah...pengennya yg di orlandoooo...huaaaa

    1. bucket list ku Disneyland yang terbaru di Shanghai nanti, dibuka spring tahun depan :-)

  4. Kalau mau kesana mesti ngumpulin banyak budget nih ga mngkin bisa terkumpul dalam setahun ini

    1. Tenangggg...Disneyland gak kemana2 kok, masih bisa tahun2 berikutnya:)

  5. Makasih banyak tipsnya :D Pasti diingat jika suatu saat kesana :D

  6. aku ga peduli orang lain pada bilang Disneyland buat anak kecil lah, ga worth it lah, It still my happiest place on earth :)

    kalo ke Paris mau ke sini, banyak banget wahana yg beda dari di HK, huwaaa keceee foto2nya kak :3
    semoga ga beneran jadi bangkrut yoo si Disneyland Paris

  7. Great post! Disneyland's photographs at Christmas eve Looking very shimmer. I love your beanie. Appreciation should impart to us. coach holidays


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