The Black Cat House in Riga

I dont know anything nor read about this phenomenal cat house till I was standing in front of this yellow painted building. I found out later that this Cat House is one of the famous building to see among the tourists.

The Cat House in the old town of Riga, Latvia

If you zoom in you can notice that the cat looks angry. The myth said that some guy put it there as the revenge his rejection of joining some powerful guild, while the other myth said it's because some guy hated his German neighbour, he put the cat there with its backside pointing to the neighbour's window. So whenever the neighbour opened his window to see the skyline of Riga, he would've only seen the cat's arse ;-)
Well anyway either it s a tourist trap or whatsoever, I think its worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood.

Later you will soon notice the cat symbol is famous in Riga, those cat souvenirs are everywhere. 

Cats are everywhere in Riga

I bought this tea towel as souvenir from Riga


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