Paris' Pop Art

Since my last trip to Portugal this summer, i started to give more attention for a details of pop art or graffiti in the street. I found the arts everywhere in Lisbon and Porto, in the wall, in the street, simply everywhere.

At the end of summer, finally i returned to Paris after almost 5 years ago, sounds wrong i know because in fact my city is only 2 hours by train to reach Paris.
In Paris I let myself joined the walking tour around Montmartre and my eyes found immediately this pop art signs beside the name of every street. 

To see one masterpiece of an art means you just spotlighted a talent, passion, love and courage, and i cant help it to adore it.


  1. ih lucu bangettt pop artnyaa, aku juga suka iseng2 fotoin grafitti disekitar rumah atau di jalanan yang aku lewatin kalo pulang ke depok :D

  2. mata saya kurang "awas' jarang banget liat beginian waktu ke paris. soalnya mata lebih tertarik liat cowok cowok hehehe

  3. I love street art! I missed out on Parisian street art though, it was awesome architecture overload when I went. Thanks for capturing and sharing :)

  4. @TurisCantik : Hahahaaa ngeliat art pake mata kiri, ngeliat cowok pake mata kanan kak, sekalian kedip2 hhaha

  5. @Dustysneakers : Then take it as a sign that you have to come back to Paris, perhaps?:)


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