I Found Some Love in Porto Through The Culinary Experiences

Frankly speaking, I dont have any culinary experiences with Portuguese dishes before i touched down in Portugal on my last trip. As a sucker for every kind of traditional culinary, i eager myself to enjoy their food during my trip in Porto, Portugal.
Taste Porto fulfilled what i just need, the food tour guide named Andre introduced himself as a local person of Porto who proud to be the one and would like to share what he knows regarding the Portuguese Culinary. He s very knowledgeable and has a genuine appreciation for his homeland culture 

Andre did a great job merging the history of Porto with modern day attractions and the Portuguese cuisines.He showed us the highlights of Porto and provided info on its histories. Having been my first trip to Porto, it was a great way to kick it off!
Each course was served at a separate restaurant during which Andre would explain the origins of various cuisine traditions and historic elements of the neighborhood. In total during the tour we visited 5 different kind of restaurants.
I would especially recommend this tour for those who want to have the experience of lunch or dining in a small Porto restaurants – the favorite restaurants of the local people.
The cost of the tour was reasonable and Andre was well-organized and quick to respond to my e-mails. Taste Porto is a delightful combination of walking history tour and culinary delights of Porto, just dont missed it whenever you are in Porto.

André Apolinário (+351 96 725 87 50)
Taste Porto Food Tours Team

The day begins near Mercado do Bolhão with the warm flaky pastry of Chaves, a small city in northern Portugal. A savory and sweet tasting that will provide you with the energy and curiosity to start your exploration of Porto

Upon entering this third generation, family-run restaurant, the smells of a home-cooked meal fill the air. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind sandwich that brings together freshly baked bread, juicy pork loin roasted in spices, with the sweetness of cured ham.

Step back in time to a brand new specialty food store that is looking to the past for the very best of Portuguese cuisine. Sample Portuguese sardines while learning about their significance to the city. Also taste alheira, the country's twist on the traditional sausage.

In Porto, chouriço is best enjoyed over an open flame. Taste the crispy outside and soft inside of freshly cooked chouriço accompanied by local artisan beer. Excite your tastebuds further with broa, a moist Portuguese cornbread made with rye.

In life, as on the tour, we can't enjoy the savory without the sweet. And so Leitaria provides us with a sweet counter point on our tour through its famous eclairs. Enjoy the light, fluffiness of the cream and sweetness of the chocolate.


  1. There should be this kind of tour in Indonesia as well ya Kak:)
    Btw, can't wait for your other posts regarding Porto!

  2. @tesyablog : Yes Tes, our tourism board and business have to learn more from other countries :-)

  3. Kalo kue2 kayak gini kok gw kurang nafsu yaa. Tapi kalo makanan pasta pedes bikin gw horny :)


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