Every Summer Has A Story

Every time people come and visit me in Antwerpen, I am reminded how much this city actually has to offer.
When you live in a big-enough city, tourist attractions are generally not something you think about doing. So maybe rather than complaining about how annoying tourists can be, why not join them?
You’ll probably appreciate where you live more than you do now. And let’s face it, most of us do not appreciate where we live nearly enough.

It s my almost-6-years living in the province of Antwerpen, the city which i could consider one of the most cozy city of Belgium, where you hear almost every languages that people are talking, with different kind of worldwide faces and skin colors. Everywhere.
One fine day with the great weather, the sun has finally show up after a long cold dark winter, you will see people appreciate the city even more. All of those restaurants, coffee shops and bakery beautify themselves. Chairs and table are prepared in the terraces with a fresh flowers in the vase , ready to welcome the guests. 
Tourists and locals are mingle in the street, you will know which one is not from the local region by seeing the maps they carried.
We were enjoying the hop on off from resto to resto during this weekend, tried many places we never been, met a lot of people & observed them, and once in a while, we said hello.  
Every summer has a story – and this is mine.


  1. It's true that people often took for granted the beautiful things in their living environment because they see them everyday. So, i think you're right, why not be tourist at our own place :))

  2. Mila : u said it right, u said it well :-)


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