#RomanticHideaway : Nandini Resort & Jungle, Bali

This hotel exceeded our expectaitons by an unbelievable margin. This place is heaven. You can hear animals and birds from the jungle; the view is the best we could have even imagined and great staff.

I can safely say that it is located in the most picturesque location in Bali! 
The staff was fabulous specially Nonik who remembered us from our email correspondance and made us feel totally at home. 
The rooms are lavish, much more than what we though , while the bathroom is super spacious and very clean. 
We were given room 11 (as we specially requested for a room with the best view and total privacy).

Secret- the hotel has a string of stairs (from near the spa), which when we began to climb down, seemed like were leading us away from everyone- right into the jungle. 
We kept going and reached right at the base of the forest and next to the river!! There is a small hut bed there for anyone who actually reaches there. It was the most divine part of the whole trip. 

Just sitting right in the middle of the jungle, so far from anything human that even if something happened, nobody could hear us, with rain -and the sound it made with the river and trees.