#RomanticHideaway: Boscolo Budapest Hotel

A real palace - perfect luxury hotel for a romantic getaway in Budapest.

The location is close to the center of Pest and near all subway and tram hubs.
Historically, this hotel previous name was New York Palace built by New York Life Insurance Company at 1894. Now, Boscolo Budapest Hotel is under the hotel management of Marriott.

The building was beautifully renovated and the cafe / restaurant area looks like an Italian baroque palace.

Very large rooms, helpful staff, delicious breakfast in the New York Cafe, which proclaimed as the most beautiful cafe in the world. 



  1. OMG keren banget interior restoran nya, Itu langit2 nya penuh ukiran klasik :)

  2. Oh Wow... definitely seems like one of the more romantic NYC boutique hotels available!


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