Resto Review: Renaa Restauranten, Stavanger #Norway

Renaa Restauranten
Address : Breitorget 6
#Stavanger 4006 Norway

This is the place to go for superb food made with high quality ingredients & proper gastronomic super fine dining.

You will see the how clean and good cooking they make by the view of the open kitchen. Renna is definitely one of the highlight if you are in Stavanger.  

The owner of Renaa Restaunter is :

Sven Erik Renaa

a culinary master of Norwegian cuisine and recipient of the Andrè Enghs Gullnål 2008, the highest accolade of the Norwegian Chefs Association, award winning Chef Sven Erik Renaa has been instrumental in Norway's national achievements on the International culinary scene.

His other personal accomplishments have also included that of achieving national recognition as Chef of the Year in 2000, 2004, 2008.  


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