Travel Soundtrack

Personally, we couldn’t split up the Music & Travel in life. It such an important thing to have them both in the same time.
1. ) Killing Time
Either waiting in the boarding room ,during your long flight or just to accompany you get tanned in the beach, Music is the answer for those killing times. Updated the playlists is the must thing to do before leaving .
2. ) Where to go, what genre
The soundtrack is not always the same, it s all depends what destination we re going to, what language they use, what s the famous thing or icon from that destination and etc.
Give it an Examples :
- in 2008 we went to Central America, i put the songs from the Album of Juanez and Manu Chao in the playlist, their music suits Central America too well. We heard their songs even in the public bus and clubs in Nicaragua.
- in 2010 we went to Fiji & Australia , as you know Fiji & Oz located almost half way of the world to reach if your departure town is in Europe. In the same month before leaving, Black Eyed Peas released their new song : ‘ Meet Me Halfway‘ .
It was after landing in Darwin Airport, in the flight they turned on this song…and i felt like woot woot?? :) it s so so funny, how can everything looks like linked and connected to each other.
Few months later, we had an opportunity to see Black Eyed Peas concert in hometown ( my 2nd concert of them actually), and as we hear ‘ Meet Me Halfway‘, i couldnt hide my goosebumps and memory of the trip are remains.
3.) Ritual Music
Turning on ‘ I dont wanna die in the air disaster‘ by Albert Hammond when you are in the plane might be a disgusting ritual to do, but not for my husband. He enjoying every words on it .
” Oh Lord have mercy on your son, Lord oh Lord have mercy on me
Cause I dont wanna die in air disaster”
4.) Forever Soundtrack
What you feel when you hear ‘ A Wonderful World‘ by Louis Amstrong ? or Looking the video clip of ‘ Together‘ by Bob Sinclair, does your energy higher up to conquer the world ? well, I do !
5.) Souvenir
Come and stop over in the local CD/Cassette shop in the town of every country you visited , spend your penny to buy at least one album of their typical music, could be their traditional one of album from their famous singer. I had from the CD of Gamelan Java bought in Jogjakarta-Central Java,Indonesia to the Aborigin Music of Aussie bought in Darwin .