Our Trip to Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua

We made it into Nicaragua from Costa Rica border in one day even though have to spend many hours sitting from bus to bus and from taxi to taxi , just to be in ferry terminal San Jorge on time for the ferry which will bring us to Isla de Ometepe - our next island to stay.

By the ferry, we arrived at Isla Ometepe, an island in the biggest lake of Central America formed by two volcano´s next to each other. The view from the boat as we approached the island was great and spectacular. The island has an awesome setting with nothing but 2 massive volcanos on the island rising up out of the water. The biggest of the two is Volcan Concepcion, stands at 1610 meters and is still active. The other is called Volcan Maderas and is 1310 meters high.

Glad to arrive at Moyogalpa, the main town on the island of Ometepe. A taxi or a rented car could be an option to bring you to your place to stay. Based on our trusty guide book, we choose Villa Paradiso Resort - the classiest hotel in the area. After negotiating the price with the taxi driver, he brought us to the resort. It was around 6 o clock in the afternoon - almost dark. We didn’t know that the distance between Moyogalpa and the region of the hotels is so far. It took unbelievable 2,5 hours with a damaged road , raining, thunder and no light at all at the road. It is such a released feeling to know that the hotel still have a vacant room to stay.

The next day we were just lazying in the resort and did a little walk along the villages, met the local people and enjoyed the scenery of the beautiful huge lake.

With the help of the hotel, we made a registration for the next day’s excursion – a walk tracking to San Ramon Cascade Waterfall.
Tracking to San Ramon Waterfall is one of the things to do in Isla de Ometepe. We did a 14km round trip walk to the cascading waterfalls, which was pretty cool. Even if it was a little bit difficult for me who is a beginner’s tracker. The pity thing is, since it was a dry season, thus the waterfall was not that big as it is supposed to be. But we are still glad that we made this hike.

We still have another full day on the island, before continuing the trip from Isla de Ometepe to Granada - a beautiful classical city. Just chilled in the island and walking around in the villages and meeting the locals...